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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Holiday Gift Drive 2012

Dear Friends,

Hope all is well with you and loved ones. The holidays are just around the corner! The Ricesticks and
Tea (RST) holiday party is earlier this year so we need to kick start our gift drive.

RST is the only Boston area food pantry program dedicated to serving the Boston area low‐income,
often non‐ or limited‐English speaking Asian community. Food staples are culturally appropriate, and
have included jasmine rice, cooking oil, dried red and mung beans, and Asian noodles. Volunteers
always include bilingual speakers who can communicate with our families in their native languages.

In the holiday spirit, we host an annual gift drive and holiday party for the 120 households we serve.
At the holiday party we serve food, sing holiday carols, invite Santa to bring cheer and merriment, and
the giftswe want to ensure that each family receives a small holiday gift to lift their spirits.

Can you help us by:

  • Adopting as many families, children, or seniors as you are comfortable doing
  • Donating money so that we can buy the gifts or supplies needed for the holiday party and/or
    for general operating costs (i.e., food purchases) to sustain the program year‐round
  • Spreading the word to your personal networks to support with gifts or financial support

Gifts are intended to be small tokens, up to $20/person/gift. It’s the thought that counts; most
important is that everyone receives something. We will provide you with further details/criteria and
the name, gender and age of your “adoptee/s” so you can get an appropriate gift.

Whether you are already a volunteer or supporter of Ricesticks and Tea or not we hope you will
consider joining us this year in making sure that each of the 323 children, adults and seniors in the
program receives a gift.

Please let us know by November 19th if you can adopt a client (sooner is better) and drop off the gift(s)
by Wednesday, November 28th so that we may plan accordingly for any family members still in need of
a gift.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions on how to adopt a family @
ricesticksandtea@gmail.com. Donations can be made by check and mailed to:

Ricesticks and Tea, c/o AACA
87 Tyler Street
Boston, MA 02111

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.
Sherry/Ricesticks and Tea